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Sandlin Insurance Fundraiser Program

Sandlin Insurance offers fundraising opportunities. It’s an easy way to raise money for your school, team or charitable cause without having to beg your friends or family for cash! Sandlin will donate $25 to your campaign for every quote request we receive*. NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY!

Camarillo Wrestling Fundraiser

The Camarillo wrestling team is looking to raise money to go to summer wrestling camps, buy new uniforms, mats and go to tournaments throughout the year. This opportunity for the wrestlers will help catapult them into their fall wrestling season! We are driving to save money but are still unable to secure enough funds for all wrestlers. Please support this team and their endeavor!!

Get an Insurance Quote from Sandlin Insurance and Raise $25 for Camarillo Wrestling!

Promote it via email, IM, word of mouth, Facebook, Twitter, Text, wherever you can get the most exposure!

Camarillo Wrestling gets paid

Based on the number of quotes submitted for Camarillo Wrestling, Sandlin Insurance will send the fundraising manager a check, $25 for each person who allows us to give them a free quote; it’s really that easy!

Let’s start fundraising for Camarillo Wrestling with Sandlin Insurance today!

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